Saturday, 17 May 2014



Our second port of on our Caribbean cruise as Grenada.  In Grenada me and my dad went clear bottom kayaking, this was so much fun as we got really competitive with another family and beat them back in a race back to shore hehe.  

Just keep swimming, swiming, swimmingggg 

In the afternoon my mum joined.  This time we got in the water and snorkelled around checking out the underwater sculpture park.  The snorkeling in Grenada was good, but the sculpture park was what made it for me.  I had never even herd of an underwater sculpture park and it was quiet creepy at first just seeing all these statues unders the water hehe.

Grenada was a very peaceful island, it had a very different atmosphere to Barbados.  But I had another amazing day :D 


Hola people,

In February my mum, my dad and myself went to the Caribbean on a cruise.  This was my fifth cruise (I know, I am very lucky :D) but it was my first Caribbean cruise.  We went on P&Os Ventura (but I will talk about the ship more on a different post hehe.  Our first stop was Barbados.  Barbados has a population of 283,221 (2012) this is rather high for the size of the island.  Below is a picture of my mum and dad when we got off the ship.  We went with a local tour company called Glory Tours, and I would 100% recommend them if you're visiting Barbados.  Our tour guide was amazing, to be fair everyone in the Caribean is, I was actually overwhelmed with how kind they are out there.  The tour guide picked us up right outside the cruise doc and took us all over the island, to places we wouldn't have been able to see if we went with the cruise ships "organised tours".  

On our tour there was us three, our tour guide and a Canadian family of four.  Having such a small group was wonderful as it felt really special hehe.  So our tour guide first took us here.  This church is the oldest church in Barabdos, it's called St James.  The church was beautiful, it had an amazing organ and beautiful stain glass windows.  Glory Tours allowed us time to walk around the church before taking us to our next destination. 

We next went to a nature reserve, it's main attraction was because they had Green Monkeys however they couldn't guarantee you would see any Green Monkeys hehee.  We were lucky though and got to see two! 

The nature reserve was full of all sorts of animals.  This deer was my favourite, I think she is the most beautiful creature I have ever seen.  I mean come on, look at those eyes!  

Rock or tortoise?  Hehe.  One of the Canidian family's little girls went to the bathroom and a tortoise followed her in, it was so funny and a staff member had to try and safely get him out haha.  He was putting up a fight though. 

Green Monkey ^^^^ hehehe 

After the park we went to Barclays Bay.  This beach is what I pictured most of the Caribbean to look like, I was pleasantly surprised to see some places were more built up and there was lots and lots of green.

We then went on our tour to one of Barbados most famous attractions.  Harrison's Cave, the cave is a crystallised limestone cave,  the cave is full of stalagmites and stalactites.  I found the cave amazing, it was so serial at one point as they turned all of the lights of and it was literally pitch black, you could even see your hand in front of you.  The reason they turned the lights off was so we could understand what it would have been like for the explorers who discovered it.

I really wish you could have swam in here... You were not obviously allowed hehe.  The water in the cave was at some spots 100% clean making it the purest water in the world.  You can do a tour when you are allowed in some parts of the water as you go down on foot.

Me and mum in the cave ^_^

After this we went for lunch, I had the nicest piece of chicken I have EVER eaten, the Caribbean people know how to cook!  

Our last stop in Barbados was my favourite part of the whole day... We got to swim with turtles :D 

The Canadian family left the tour at this point so it was just us three.  We were following our tour guide along the beach when boom!  This massive boat pulls up and tells us to get on, we felt like celebrities.  We had this huge boat to ourselves and our boat driver took us directly to wear the turtles were.

Swimming with them was amazing, there was this one turtle who was huge  and very old looking he had barnacles stuck to him and everything hehe.

Barbados was an amazing start to my Caribean experience, we got soooo much down, especially considering we were only there till three in the afternoon hehe.