Friday, 6 June 2014

Things to do in Summer


Summer is slowly creeping up on us and I can not stress how excited I am.  I have so much planned over the next few months.  But if you're a bit stuck with ideas what to do in summer I have made this list of 20!activities that I think will be super fun to do.  Some of my ideas will need money but some and to be honest the best things on the list are completely free ^_^ 

1) Go to the beach:
- make a massive sand castle, and organise a sand castle competition with your family and friends 
- have a water fight
- have a super duper lager with extra sprinkles and sauce ice cream 
- sun bathe with your favourite tunes or read a book (remember your sun cream though)
- pretend to be a mermaid in the sea (don't be embarrass to break out in to song and sing Part of your World hehe 
- collect shells
- go rock pooling 
- play volley ball or tennis 

2) Go on a nature walk 
- don't forget your camera and take pictures of the beautiful nature and wildlife you will see 
- bring a picnik and find a nice spot to chill for the afternoon (try to make all the food from scratch as that will be another fun activity) 
- bring a football to play a game 
- find a park and play on the swings 

3) Have a BBQ
- If you're old enough, but some alcoholic drinks and open up your own little bar for your friends in the back garden making you're own cocktails (if you're younger just use fruit juices) 
- organise a music quiz for all your friends to do in the garden whilst they're waiting for their food
- if you have a decking get some fairy lights (or put tea lights in old jars) and make your own dance floor 

4) Have a pool party 
- before buying a pool try and ask all the kids you know if they have one, as a paddling pool will still do the job hehe

5) Have a girly night in 
- I don't think girly nights in are just a winter thing, get some snacks in and facemasks and watch all your favourite summer movies

6) Have a summer shopping spree

7) try to visit all your relatives and ask them about their summer holidays when they were young 

8) take your sibling out, and if they are younger try and do things they want to, kids have amazing imaginations and you will probably have a great day playing games they have created 

9) Get up early and go for a fun, challenge yourself over summer and try to increase how far you can run each day 

10) On a wet summer day:
- get those dust collecting board games out a play them with family and friends 
- watch a new TV series 
- watch your favourite films and eat loads of junk food 
- bake cakes 

11) make a movie - last summer, my friend Leonie and I made a movie on our own life's and filled it with clips of us over the years (very funny ahah)

12) make a music video 

13) write a book 

14) create a time capsule 

15) as the World Cup is coming up have a World Cup party with your friends (I am)

16) put on a play 

17) join a new class 

18) learn to play an instrument 

19) make a treasure hunt 

20) paint a picture 


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