Sunday, 20 July 2014

Barcelona Day One


Me and my mum went on a mini break to Barcelona recently, we were their for four days in total but pretty much seen everything!! hehe.  Come on a trip with me and my mum and after it you will need a holiday.

So we got in at around 12:00 and we couldn't check in to our hotel yet, so we just dropped off our suit cases and went out.  Our hotel was called Tryp Apollo and is located on a main road in Barcelona called Parallel.  This road is MASSIVE and very central, our hotel was about a 5 minute walk from La Rambla and a 20 second walk from the hotel reception to a Metro station.

So we jumped straight on the tube and went down to the harbour.  I have been to Barcelona four times now, but the first three times I went were all on Cruises, I had seen a lot of the city therefore but this time was a much better experience, I was able to completely soak up the culture as we stayed for more than one day.

The harbour is so different from the rest of Barcelona, it was very very modern.  It had an aquarium, shopping centre, trampolining area.  We went for a walk around, lunch at Dunkin Coffee and a look in the shops.  I really liked the harbour area and would definitely recommend it if you visit Barcelona as it is another world away from the large historical streets of Barcelona.

We then went back to our room, having a quick look on La Ramblas before we went back.

Once we had checked in and had a quick freshen up we hit the town :').  We went to the Gothic quarter and had a look in La Seu, a church which inside has 13 geese to represent martyred virgins.  The geese were so funny, they definitely new people were there to take their photograph, such posers hehe.

After this we walked around enjoying the beautiful architecture before stopping at a restaurant and enjoyed a beautiful three course meal (well six I suppose as the starter was made up of three dishes hehe) and some Sangria.

The night was not over, we then went to watch a magical water fountain show outside the national art museum.  It was amazing!  And definitely one of the highlights of the trip.  The show started at about 9 and it was still sunny out, the first show included songs from Disney.  The fountain then kept on going and as it got darker and darker the show became much more amazing.  Me and my mum sat on the side of the fountain with pack macs on, yes we did get soaked but we by far and the best time, dancing away getting wet at the side of the fountain.

Then it was home to bed as after such a long day we were very tired.

Please enjoy some piccies from my first day in Barcelona:

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