Sunday, 13 July 2014

Negative Body Image

The other day before work I popped in to town for a sneaky look in the shops.  I was disgusted when I went in to Miss Selfridge to find a manikin dressed like this.

Okay I understand it is just a pair of jeans on a manikin but in my opinion this sends out such a negative message to people.  Young girls and boys are surrounded by negative body image media everyone where they go from "Thinspiration" pro anorexia Tumblr sites to online fashion stores photo shopping (badly may I add) their models.  And now it's even in our physical shops.

I understand shops need to cater for all sizes, I myself am not over weight, so my argument is not "erughh shops only show skinny models".  But I don't want to see a pair of jeans displayed like this.  These jeans create a look that is impossible for anyone, the thigh gap it creates was bigger than my whole fist.  Young girls will go in to this shop and believe that is how they are meant to look.  I was so annoyed at this I took a snap and posted it to my Facebook, this started a Frenzy.

One girl thought I was being horrible about girls who are smaller.  This is not the case at all.  I don't mind manikins dressing for smaller girls, only in M&S today I said to my mum "their manikins are about a size 8 and still look good and healthy".  This Miss Selfridge manikin is just a joke.  What the girl didn't understand was that even if these jeans fitted her, they would not look like this.  No matter what size you are, even the skinniest girl in the world would not achieve this look.  It is impossible!  Your bones would have to go outwards and everything would just fall out (sounds disgusting but it is true).  The shop may have not realised this when they dressed the manikin but this really sends a false image to people, no one can ever achieve legs that look like this, and even if you got close you would become very very ill.  Thigh gaps can happen and are completely healthy for some people, but if you had legs like this manikin... well like I said you wouldn't as it could never happen.

I am 18 and in the past I have had a lot of body confidence issues (I still have many).  I am at a perfectly healthy weight but I can never be happy with myself.  I do however get more confident with myself each and every day.  But then I see younger girls and boys around 14 who would starve themselves or make themselves sick just to try and achieve a look similar to one like this.  And it makes me so angry.  We should be encouraging our young people to get out and be more active, eat healthy and stay safe.  Being slim, healthy and in shape is something most people want and that is understandable but dressing a manikin like this sells an unhealthy body image to anyone who enters the shop.

I may have read too far into this, it's probably just not the right type of manikin to dress a pair of jeans on, but if the shop assistant did this on purpose to achieve this look then that is a disgrace.

Please leave your comments below, what do you think of this manikin?  And how much do you think social media effects are young people and their mental well being with body confidence.

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