Sunday, 20 July 2014

Prom Dress


My prom this year was on the 27th of June and I had such an amazing night.

My dress was from Lipsy and I bought it for £45!  Yes £45!  I have just checked their website and you can still buy it now so I will leave the link at the bottom of the post.  I absolutely love this dress, I love the fit on me, the colour, the material and don't even get me started on how much I love the back.  Everybody must have agreed with me as well as I got quite a few complements hehe.

I would definitely recommend this dress, the only problem to it was that because it's lace it kept catching on things, so you just have to be extra careful when wearing it that you don't rip it.  Also what some people may find a problem (but it didn't bother me) because it is open back you're either going to have to wear a stick on bra or not wear one at all.

With this dress I kept the jewelry very simple wearing my rose gold moonstone ring from Monica Vinader and a similar styles bracelet that I bought it Lourdes, France.  The bag I used was my mums, even though it was full of jewels I didn't think it distracted from the dress one bit.

Here is the link if you're looking to buy the dress I wasn't paid to put this link here, I bought the dress with my own money and think it is such a good dress that I needed to share it with the world hehe.  All I need is another occasion to wear the dress again.

Here are some other pictures of my prom and the dress at different angles:

I won an award at Prom for most likely to be on Glee :').

Who needs nice photos Laura! 

Funny photo booth!  Love all my cheeckas! (Not a word?  Wotevs)

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