Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Dance Series - Ireland


I have done ballroom dancing since I was four years old, but this June was an end of an era for myself and my partner Todd as we competed in our last competition.  It was the All Ireland Dance Championships in Carlow Ireland.  I went there the year before by myself but it was much better this year to go with Todd.

We got in to Ireland on Friday the 28th of June (the day after my prom, surprisingly getting up wasn't as hard as I thought it would be hehe).  We had a day in Dublin (well four hours).  So we went to Burger King for lunch before getting on a Hop Off Hop On bus.  If you're going to Dublin, or any city for that matter these buses are really useful as you get to see a lot of the city in a short amount of time.  I love Dublin, lots of my family are Irish so I feel a real sense of history and home when I visit there, especially when my Nana shows me places she grew up, and when she used to sell fruit at the Dublin markets.

Best tour guide! :) 

After the bus we didn't have a lot of time left as we had to be back at the airport to meet our dance school.  So we just did a quick spot of shopping before jumping back on the Air Link bus.  If you're in Dublin I would also recommend this bus, it goes directly from the Air Port taking 30 mins (a return ticket is £10).

Once we had met up with our dance school it took an hour and a half on the coach to get to Carlow, but we had snacks, great company and drinks so it turned out to be a really fun journey.

That night we didn't do a lot, we unpacked our cases sat down with a beer and pot noddle (dancers diet right there for you hehe) and got ready for the comp the next day.  Todd needed to do his fake tan, and this was the outcome haha.  I promise it looked better the next day.

We had two days of comps in Ballroom, Latin American and Old Time dancing, we did very well we got three 1st, a 4th and a 6th.  I love competing away as we get to dance with such amazing people.  Where we are from you can only really compete against your age group and for us that isn't many people; so going across is such a great experience as we dance against such a wide age range and ability.  The Irish made us all feel very at home in Carlow. 


his little lady said...

This looks like such a fun adventure! Love all of the pictures!
xo TJ

Laura Barlow said...

Awhh thank you! :). It was a fun trip! :D xx

Anne said...

What a cool experience! I'd love to see pictures of you dancing!