Sunday, 31 August 2014

My Dream Home

We're getting a lot of work done on our house at the moment and it's causing lots of little fights about interior design (only small ones, I find it funny to be honest).  I thought it would be interesting to create this post and show my family about my dream house and my visions for interior design hehe.

When I have my own family:  My dream house would be a barn conversion.  I would love to live in a house that has a lot of land.  That way my children could always be outside (well depending on the weather obvs hehe).  I would have animals like chickens, lambs and possibly horses (even though I don't know how to ride them hehe).

I would also really love to live in a house like the one in the Notebook film.  Living in such a small town, with a lake near by where I could take my boat out! 

(Random but how perf is the NB please, Noah needs to marry moi).

If I didn't have a big family and was a successful actress living in London (we gotta dream big girls ;)).  I would love to live in either a London Townhouse or an apartment overlooking Oxford Street haha. 

I like bedrooms to be very cosy, warm and full of character.  I don't like houses that are just 100% show homes, I would want to see lots of photos, homely ornaments and Yankee candles burning through out the house hehe.  If I was an adult this room would be a dream bedroom for me, it looks simple and classy whilst still being warm and holding some character.  I would just have to put some of my photos in it hehe.

My dream bedroom at the moment would be like Hanna's or Spencer's from Pretty Little Liars.  I love both of their bedrooms they're so girly and cute, especially Hanna's butterfly wallpaper :D.

I am a bit fussy with living rooms.  I don't like when they're dated, but I don't like ultra ultra modern living rooms.  Sometimes when living rooms are too modern in my opinion they become rather clinical.  I like fire places, big cushions on the coach, carpet, fairy lights, candles, warm colours (tbh it's what I like through out the whole house).

I loveeee this one, it's very modern but still has a fireplace and cosy feel about it. 

100% my dream kitchen would have an island, I loveee them!  I also love breakfast bars, but you could have that included in your island.  I love both of these kitchens.  The first one is light and bright due to the white wood.  And the brown wood is very cosy looking and would look fab at Christmas time.  

I love bathrooms that are fully tilled floor and wall.  I HATE carpet in a bathroom and I hate too much colour.  I just like warm browns.  

I put this picture in to show that the style of bathroom I like still works on a smaller scale :).

 The bathroom above is super stylish I think it's my favourite out of the four.  I really like the bath how it's stand alone, and I also really like the lights.  They make the room super magical.

Okay I think that's all i'll do for now, other wise this post will take ages to load hehe.  I hope you like this post and leave me any comments on what your dream house would be like! :D 

Love Laura xxx 

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