Wednesday, 3 September 2014

August Favourites


I was asked by the ever so lovely Lulu to do my August favourites.  I also watch these videos on YouTube so it would be fun to do a blog post on them hehe.

Beauty Favourites
I am not going to lie I don't have many beauty faves for this month.  As it's been summer I haven't really been wearing a lot of make up or buying new beauty products.  However I went out the other night for my friends 19th birthday and I wore a Rimmel London's Scandal Eyes.

I have the blue but I defo want to buy another one, probably the purple.  These chubby eye liners are so good, they stay super pigmented and strong for ages!  And I meant for agesss.  That is probably the only down side to them as for the next few days after I had a blue tinge to my water line hehe. 

Here is a picture (selfie hehe) of me in Barcelona with the Blue Scandal Eyes on my waterline.

Non Beauty Favourites 
Over the summer me and my mum and dad have been binge watching Dexter, and OMG how it has become the best thing EVER to me!!  Officially my favourite show.  I am now on series 6 and I have already seen some of series 8 (weird I know but that's what I watched first hehe).  I don't want it to end though.  If you don't know what Dexter is or have never herd about it i'll give you a little insight; basically, he's a serial killer.  But a good one hehe. Dexter Morgan is a blood spatter analysts for Miami metro homicide, he has a "dark passenger" from a horrible incident when he was three years old and watched his own mothers murder.  Dexter was trained by his step father a cop to keep his demons in side, he now follows a code and only kills people who deserve to die.  Might sound creepy and a tad scary but believe me it's amazing.  Michael C Hall is such a good actor, one of my top 5 now.  He makes Dexter this lovable character, which is a strange concept considering he is a serial killer hehe. 
Another non beauty favourite of mine this month has been Netflix (okay it sounds like all I did this summer was watch TV, but then again that might be kinda true hehe kidding).  I have never had Netflixs before but at the start of this month my dad signed up for it (following me getting the first free month hehe, but I cancelled mine and use theirs now :)).  I love Orange is the New Black.  At first it was very awkward, but once you get over the awkward moments you realise how cleverly written it is and how unique of a programme it is.  I am on episode 10 of the first series so only a couple more before I finish now.

Lastly this month I have been loving my pink Instax Fujifilm.  I got my polaroid camera back in January but have only really just started using it.  I love it, the photos always look super cool and "indie", yes the print is rather pricey but I think it's worth it, and it's not like I spend my money on alcohol every weekend, that would be a waste hehe.  The cameras are £50 and it's becoming a trend with my friends now to have one, so far three of us to but soon I think the whole gang will.  A rainbow of Fujifilm hehe. 

Hope you enjoyed this, sorry there wasn't much beauty, but I am not going to lie about products hehe.

Love Laura xxx 

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