Tuesday, 2 September 2014

My Favourite YouTubers

I have been watching beauty videos and vlogs on YouTube since 2008.  I have also tried to make videos myself but I always ended up deleting them hehe.

I have so many people I watch on YouTube and over the years my favourite vloggers have changed.  Here is a list of some of my favourites and first people I found on YouTube.

1) Bethany Mota - Macbarbie07 

Bethany has always been my favourite YouTuber.  Firstly because she is so like me, every view on life she has is the same as mine (well in my opinion hehe).  She is such a friendly girl, and has always kept a close relationship with her viewers.  I lover her style, her taste in clothes, music, food, EVERYTHING hehe.  Plus she is only one day older than me :') which I think is weird.  I really think Bethany and me would be great friends if we knew each other hehe. 

2) Troye Sivan 

No word of a lie I have watched every video Troye has uploaded, I just find him sooo funny.  His ending in his videos as well is always good hehe.  I think he puts so much effort in to his videos and is just so creative to come up with the ideas he does.  My favourite videos are the two when he pretends to be social media ""pop" who the f was that, oh just Snapchat" haha I was it stitches :').

3) Velvet Gh0st & PlanetGabb 

This girl is one of my absolute favourites, she is soo funny.  I love her moving in vlogs on her second channel.  She is so down to earth and I love how honest she is with all her viewers about her younger life.  If you don't watch Gab I would definitely recommend her, you won't be disappointed :).

4) Viviannadoesmakeup 

Vivianna is so natural but so beautiful.  I honestly get so excited when her weekly vlogs are uploaded and ready to be watched (they're like my favourite videos on YT hehe).  Her style is so classy, I really need to take some tips from her.  I also love her relationship she has with her boyfriend and best friend, fellow YouTuber Lilly Pebbles, who is also an amazing YouTuber.

5) Kaileemckenzie 

Kailee is so cool, she just is.  I can't believe she is only 17, she looks way older than me hehe.  I love Kailee's style she is super indie and urban, but never looks like she is trying too hard.  I mean once she wore a silk PJ dress as a top and it totally worked.  Kailee also does dancing so I like to watch her dance series videos and seeing what she has for dance. 

6) Beautycrush 

Sam from Beautycrush is just so beautiful no matter what size she is, what hair colour she is rocking or what she is wearing she always looks amazing.  I love her videos, I also think for such a big blogger she is still very down to earth and I don't feel she is being fake in her videos.  Sam has a very unique style, she wears natural colours but her outfits always still look super interesting and full of character. 

7) Fafinettex3

Aubrey was the first YouTuber I ever watched in the beauty community back in 2008 and she was who inspired me to attempt making YT videos and blogging.  She has also just had a beautiful baby boy. 

8) Tone It Up 

I love these two girls!.  Their videos keep me motivated to keep it up at the gym and I love how they have a website where all the girls in their TIO community can communicate together, seeing each others progress.  

9) Blogilates 

Just like the TIO girls Cassie from Blogilates is also a big motivator to work hard at the gym.  I love doing her  POP Pilate's work outs.  She makes exercise way more fun. 

10) Sunbeamsjess 

And last but not least we have Jess.  I am in love with this girls style, just give me all of her wardrobe NOW hehe.  Jess's lookbook videos and OFTD/OFTN videos are my favourites, I love how unique her style is.  And you don't understand how long I wanted dip dye green hair for because of her.

Hopefully this list has given you some new YouTubers to check out, I love all of them! 

Leave me a comment below of who your favourite TB's are because I am always looking for new people to watch :D.

Love Laura xxx 


Lulu.B xox said...

Hi, your blog is AMAZING! I would really appreciate it if u checked out my blog! I have started following your blog as it is so fantastic! Please do an August favourites!

LuluB xox


Laura Barlow said...

Heyy, awh thank you! I have just followed you on Bloglovin, I love your blog as well, it's super cute! ^_^

Awhh I shall defo do my August Favourites, I will link back to you ^_^.

Laura xxx

Laura said...

Love this! I love Cassey from blogilates, she's soooo much fun! And I also really like sunbeamjess' style, she's so unique. Some of my favourites are Zoella, Stilababe09 and Jim Chapman ;) I'll follow you stat!

Laura x (same name! lol)


Laura Barlow said...

Yes, she's totally unique! I wish I had all of her clothes haha! Ahh good choice, I also really like Zoella. Her and Alfie <3. Thank you, I have just followed you on Bloglovin :D. It must be so amazing to live in Italy, I lovee Italy so much <3

Haha Laura is just the best name eva! xx