Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Liverpool (Halloween).

Hello there,

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, school is making me v v busy atm (slang in a blog post, of course).  I am really sorry, but I am back with a Halloween post :D.  In the half term myself and my two friends (Emily and Annie) went to Liverpool to stay with our friend Louisa.  She is at university studying Media Production.  These girls are literally my rat pack, they're my bestest friends and since summer we haven't all been together because everyone is doing separate things.  So I was very excited to go to Liverpool for a few days.

Our excited selfie because we had just checked in hehe.

We left on Thursday the 30th.  Emily and I got a flight and it was delayed FOUR HOURS!!!  We were meant to leave at 8 but it didn't go till 12.  At first I was so annoyed (I can't even explain how annoyed/upset I was).  However in the end, the time went really quick and we had a really funny morning in the airport; playing guess the song (annoying the other passengers no doubt).

When we got in to Liverpool city centre we dropped our suitcase off and went straight for food.  Emily and I love this place in the old part of the St Johns market, they do amazing toasties! <3.  Then it was off to St. Georges Hall.  I love visiting museums and art galleries when I go away.  I am not the type of girl who just wants to get drunk all night and sleep all day, I want to be up and about.  Luckily my friends are just like me.

After St Georges Hall we had a bit of time to kill before meeting up with the troops, so Emmi and I had a quick sneaky cocktail (treats!). 


Once we were all together we dumped our stuff at Louisa's and went to Pizza Express for tea.  
(Emily and Annie).


After tea, yes you guessed it, more cocktails!. 

The next day we had a small lie in as Louisa had uni.  Once we were all showered we met Louisa for lunch (after uni).  We got our lunch from M&S and ate it whilst sat on a bench near the Tate Gallery. 


This would be perfect if the man took it straight on -.- 

We took TONS of pictures like these, we found them so cool, but no one else seems to like them.  Thoughts?  Do they look cool?  I know you don't really know what they are, but how do they look? 

Art, Titled: Art in an Art gallery 

OLAFFFF!!!!! <3

The Disney Store brings so much sheer happiness... until you see the queue -.-

To create a bruise like this is soooo simple, all I did was start off with red eye shadow, creating the shape I wanted.  I then went over it with some purple and then a little bit of green.  Painting it just like a bruise.  I then added some HD red paint to look like a new cut and blood... ta da, finished look. (I then put them all over myself hehe). 

What a cone head hahaha! 

Emily used some pure black contacts (SOOO COOL!).  I was far too much of a whip to even buy them, I couldn't get them in my eyes hehe. 

Louisa the nurse :) 

Little and large.  (well large and little from the way we're stood). 

Don't know why, but I find this pic so funny! :')

We went to a party upstairs in Louisa's accommodation and then went out, hitting the town hard! (wow that's so lame!).  I won't bore you with the stories, actually I have a couple which are hilarious! However they would embarrass my friends far too much hehe... oh wait, isn't that a good thing? 

the next day we went back down to the docs for an ice cream... okay the weather wasn't the best for an ice cream, but they were pure treats <3 

LP One :).

That evening we went to the Halloween/ Bonfire night Lantern Festival in Sefton Park.  I couldn't get many photos of the lanterns myself,  as it was something better to enjoy rather than take a picture of (and my camera was just completely pants outside).  but you can view their website here... click me.

I loved loved loved the festival and so did my friends.

Haha we had to buy these massive glowsticks :') soo much fun haha. 

After that, we hopped on a bus and went to Hope Street where we met for the Shiverpool Ghost Bus Tour.  I have done the walking tour before with my mum a couple of years back and both have been fab!  I would so love to work on that bus hehe. 


Then it was about midnight and we went back to Louisa's, ate junk food, sang songs and just had great fun!

A couple more photos from then hehe: 

Sorry this post was mostly piccies and not much writing, but I hope you still enjoyed it :). 

Speak soon, Laura xxx 


Louisa Bowker said...

It really was an amazing weekend!! So happy you blogged about this so we don't forget! <3

Laura Barlow said...

OMG YO MAN!!... Wait be profesional Laura. I know right, it was such a good weekend. V happy I created a post ^_^. However I couldn't narrow the pictures down that much, they're all just too good hehe.

Louisa Bowker said...

It really was a great weekend! I love all the pictures you took :D