Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Things To Do At Christmas

Hi Everyone,

Today I thought I would create a small list of things to do at Christmas, as no one and I mean no one should be bored over Christmas. 

1) Build a snowman (if you have snow that is.  Any Australians here?  You can build a sand man ;') ).

(Snow day back in 2010, introducing Sophie and Snowy hehe). 

(Also 2010, me aged 14). 

2) Make your own Christmas theme cafe in your house, with Mince pies, Hot Chocolate, Eggnog the lot!

(No, sorry, I didn't make these.  My mum actually won them in a Christmas comp hehe). 

3) Make your own DIY Christmas cards and decorations, they're so much fun to make, and everyone will love the fact you have puts lots of effort in.  Homemade decorations look super cool as well.

4) Turn your living room in to a cinema, invite your friends over, get lots of sweets and snacks in and watch all your favourite Christmas movies.

We called this night "Cringy Christmas"; everyone had to wear a cringy Christmas jumper.  This had to be the best Christmas party I've been to, it was just one big massive sleepover, we played tons of games (games Vs each other as well).  We had dance competitions, a big meal.  It was just pure fun! :D.  Something like this is a great way to celebrate Christmas with your friends. 

5) Have a Christmas theme pamper night for yourself, get a Lush Christmas bubble bath, paint your nails Christmas themed and stick some Christmas classic beats on.

6) Go on a walk with your camera and take some pictures of the beautiful winter scenery and nature.  You could even once home print them out and use them for your Christmas Cards.

7) Pig out, I have done a lot of this already and we're only on the 10th of December.  So buy yourself lots of treats and have a pig out session... whilst watching Elf for the 20millionth time hehe.  And hey, don't worry about putting on a few pounds, it's Winter; we need to stay warm hehe.

8) Play board games with your family.  Spending time with your family is one of the greatest blessings of Christmas, drag out Monopoly and Buckaroo and have some great family fun (or family arguments over who has won the game hehe).

9) If your of legal drinking age, go to a nice cocktail bar and try out the Christmas specials with your girlfriends.

(okay so this was actually taken in summer, but ahh well hehe). 

10) Do lots and lots of Christmas shopping, eeekk I love Christmas shopping, the challenge of finding the perfect present for people... challenge accepted!

Me and my friend Emily this year watching the Christmas lights get turned on and doing a spot of Christmas shopping ^_^. 

Hopefully these ideas will keep you occupied over Christmas and get you in the festive sprit.  I AM :D

Speak soon,

Laura xxx 


Louisa Bowker said...

Love this post :-D

Louisa Bowker said...

Love this post :-D

Laura Barlow said...

Haha, thank you Bowker!! ^_^ x