Monday, 22 December 2014

My Favourite Christmas Films


Today I went to the cinema with my mum and little cousin Ruby to watch, Get Santa, it was actually really good, I would definitely recommend it.  But it made me want to share with you my top Christmas films so grab yourself a cup of tea and lets compare top Christmas films.

1) Home Alone

Home Alone 1 +2 are hands down my favourite Christmas films, if I don't watch these two every year... well it's just not Christmas hehe.  

2) Elf

I find it difficult for anyone not to like elf, it's such an easy watch and so so funny!  I can quote most of the film and in fact after I write this post, I am going to watch it hehe.

3) Die Hard

I may look like a girly girl, but I love action films.  Die Hard is a classic; most people may not see this as a Christmas film, but come on it's set at Christmas.  Yesterday I watched the 2nd one for the first time, the story isn't as good but the amount of action in it is pure kick ass!!  John McClane is a machine! 

4) National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

If you like Home Alone I think you will love the film, I just find the dad so funny!  He reminds me a lot of Homer Simpson hehe.

5) Frozen

Okay again technically not a Christmas film, but I just love Frozen so much, and any excuse to watch it and sing along hehe. 

6) The Polar Express

I only watched this for the first time last year, but I love it!!  We tried to watch it when I was younger, but my mum and dad find the animation weird... but hey, I like it!  Tom Hanks as a cartoon is a tad freaky, but come on it's Tom Hanks hehe. 

7) New Years Eve

Again not technically a Christmas film, but at this time of year I just love watching New Years Eve.  Zac Efron is just perfect in it!

What are some of your favourite Christmas films?  Please leave any suggestions for me to watch below ^_^.  I really need to watch Love Actually, White Christmas and the all time favourite It's a Wonderful Life; i've never seen them! :)

Thanks for reading,

Laura xxx 


Laura said...

I absolutely adore all the movies you've listed! But I have yet to fall into the Frozen mania hehe :) should I watch it? You really should watch Love Actually though, it's the best!
Happy holidays,
Laura xxx

Laura Barlow said...

Hi Laura (da best name eva hehe),

You haven't seen Frozen? :O. Yes definitely watch it; actually... maybe you shouldn't watch it, save yourself from becoming obsessed hehe.

And yes everyone says how good Love Actually is. Is it like Valentines day and New Years Eve? It might not be, it's just the front cover really looks similar hehe.

Happy holidays to you too, and Happy New Year! ^_^
Laura xxx