Sunday, 28 December 2014

What I got for Christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE (okay, from three days ago hehe).

I hope you all had a wonderful and happy Christmas, and you all got everything you wanted!  

Today I am going to share with you what I got for Christmas.  Before we start I just want to say the typical Christmas/birthday haul disclaimer, NO I AM NOT BRAGGING hehe.  And in my personal opinion I think it's really bad when people make others feel bad for what they got for Christmas, I want my family and friends to know I am thankful and grateful for what I got, and by sharing it on here, or any form of Social media, a place they can see my presents, it allows them to know I am thankful.  Yes I very much understand some people are less fortunate and I feel very upset that they don't get a good Christmas, but I want my family to know I appraicte everything they do for me and that I am thankful for everything I got! ^_^.  Hopefully someone agrees with me, and this doesn't get taken in the wrong way.

I won't comment on each present, but if you have any questions on anything feel free to ask :D 

Okay lets start before I dig myself a bigger hole hehe.

Main Presents 

For my first main present I got a Go Pro Camera! :D I am so excited to use this camera, not that I actually do any hardcore sports but I'll find something good to film.  

Along with the camera I got all the hit needed such as a selfie stick (which seems to be the most common present of 2014 hehe), a head mound, chest mound and a one so I can take it in the water.  Which will be so useful for when we go on holiday in the summer.  I can film the sea! :D 

My Second main present was a metal detector! :D.  Which may seem rather odd to you, it is to most people don't worry.  But I really wanted one, my dad has one and I thought it would be something cool we could do together.  It's clearly not the typical girl present though hehe.

I haven't taken it out properly yet, but I used it in the front garden and found a £1 coin! :D That's good for your first go hehe. 

Makeup and Beauty

I love all the makeup and beauty products I got this year, everyone knows we so well hehe.  I especially love these Jack Wills chubby pens, they come out really pigmented and stay on for ages.  I am not a huge Jack Wills clothes fan, just because I have had a few bad experiences dealing with them and the quality of their clothes does not reflect in the price.  However these lippy pens are super good! :D 

I asked for some new makeup brushes so was very excited to see these, I may have hinted for Real Techniques but still hehe.  I have only used the buffing brush so far but it is super good and super soft.  It also doesn't leave any harsh lines when you put your makeup on. 

Eeeeekk Miss Dior! <3.  This has to be one of my favourite perfumes of all time, the bottle is so classy as well and looks so good on my dressing table hehe.

My grandparents got me this hair brush, it uses Ionic technology (not too sure what that means) in simple terms - it gets rid of the static in your hair hehe.  So far it has been really good! :D 


For agesss now I have wanted some black low top converse so I am so happy I now have some! :D they're such a simple shoe but they go with everything!  Well almost everything, and I think they're a pair of shoes almost every girl needs hehe.

Of lots of my family I either got money or vouchers, so I thought I would include a picture for them hehe ^_^.   I don't think i'll spend them in the sales however, I think i'll wait till Jan, for all the new stock to come out. 


I got a lot of chocolate for Christmas.  I don't know when I am going to eat it all hehe.  Well saying that its never taken me long before, I just feel very sick by the time we go back to school hehe. 


And lastly just some cool and random presents I got.  

I used to always eat my dinner off one of these, but then we became fancy and now sit at a table like normal people hehe.  However on Friday nights, after I finish work, we always get a take away, so this is going to come in so handy hehe. 

You may be thinking "what is that?  A mini carton of milk?".  Yes I'll admit it does look like that, but in fact its a phone charger, you charge the milk bottle and then put it in your bag.  That way, when you're out and about, and if you're phone runs out of charge (which mine always does) you won't run out of battery! :D.  The only issue I probably now have, is i'll probably forget to put the milk in my bag hehe. 

And last but by no means least, is a beautiful Yankee Candle! <3.  I loveeeee YK candles.  Especially this one, it smells divine.  This is my first ever super big YK candle and I am so excited to burn it! ^_^. 

And that's a wrap!:D.  I really hope you found this interesting, I am sorry if it sounds like I am bragging, I don't mean for it to at all!!  I just love watching these videos every Christmas on YouTube and I really wanted a way to document what I got for Christmas! :D 

Please leave me a link to your blog if you have a post on what you got for Christmas! ^_^ and if not please just leave a comment on what you got, I would love to know.

Thanks everyone!  Merry Christmas! ^_^ 

Laura xxx 


Lauren Cummins said...

Great post, I love seeing what people got for Christmas/their birthday too! That milk carton charger is a really cool idea, never seen one before :) xo

Laura Barlow said...

Hi Lauren,

Awhh thanks, yeah me too! I love being nosey hehe!.

Yeah I seen it on Firebox and thought it was the coolest idea ever! I had to ask for one hehe.

Happy New Year! ^_^ xx