Thursday, 1 January 2015

December Favourites


I hope you all had a wonderful NYE and I send all my love for the year to come. 

Today I am going to be doing my December Favourites.  I had so many favourites throughout December because I had so much new stuff to try out.  But I have narrowed it down and picked out some of my absolute favourites. 


In the month of December I have really been loving my Jack Wills Chubby Lip Pens.  Each lipstick is so so pigmented.  The colour also stays on your lips for hours, even with drinks.  I really like that each one of the pens is such a different colour, they don't overlap in colour and all stand out.

The only downside is the lippys can be a bit drying on the lips.  But not to worry; just pop on some clear lipgloss after application of the lip pens and you'll be grand.  The clear lipgloss I have been using is by Bourgeoisie. 


This month I have been loving my Unicorn indoors hat/scarf.  I can't seem to take it off.  Whenever any of my friends come around their first reaction is to laugh and their second is to try it on and take selfies wearing the unicorn hat themselves hehe.  


For entertainment I have been loving the Lethal Weapon series of films.  Before last week I had never herd of them but they're soooo good!  Young Mel Gibson!! (AMAZING!!).  The film is a true hardcore cop film and features some amazing actors.  I would definitely recommend these films if you haven't seen them before, and as well as having a great story line they're just super easy to watch :). 

Second on the entertainment front is 'When Harry Met Sally'.  I had never seen this film before last night and although it's story line is not my favourite chick flick I just loveeee Sallys style.  Sally (played by Meg Ryan) has some amazing very chic outfits throughout the film.  Mostly thick jumpers mixed with mom jeans.  But I just love it.  She has really inspired me to buy some thick woolly jumpers and more mom jeans.


Throughout December there has been so much good food going on from the main Christmas dinner, to the prawn cocktail started, from solid chocolate to hot chocolate from mince pies to mulled wine (although I won't lie, I have never had mulled wine before hehe).  Of course Christmas day dinner and NYD dinner is always my favourite food of this time of year.  However, I thought I would have to mention Lilly Pebbles 'Brookies'.  Me and my friend Annie made them for NYE, we also made Lilly's Mint and Nutella Hot Chocolate.  Both were just AMAZING!  I can't wait to make them Brookeis again as they were just soooo good.

You can get the Brookies recipe on Lilly's blog here.  And that will give you the link to Lilly's video me and Annie watched to get the Hot Chocolate recipe.  Definitely give them a try, you won't regret it!. 

I think I'll leave this here for now, I hope you all had a wonderful NY.  And I will speak to you very soon!


Laura xxx 

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Nice post!

I've nominated you for the Liebster award! Hope you'll get around on doing it :)