Tuesday, 29 September 2015

25 Facts About Me

Today I thought i'd share with you 25 random facts about me... hopefully they're not too boring hehe.  ENJOY! ^_^.

1) I was on born on the 8th of the 11th and I weighed 8lbs 11oz - what a coincident hehe.
2) I grew up dancing ballroom and latin competitively and I'm now training to be a dance teacher.
3) I am currently learning to drive and I have had around ten lessons. 
4) I have volunteered in Lourdes, Frances helping the sick and elderly for the past three years. 
5) I have just finished my A-Levels and I am very confused with what I want to do next - Well I change my mind career wise every single day.
6) However I know I want to have a summer being a camp consoler in America - that would be amazing! 
7) I'm a mega Disney fan! 
8) I love acting!  
9) I like to consider myself a good film buff, I know a good film and actor if I see one
10) I hate most reality TV.  Okay I love some, but can't stand a lot of them.  Strictly and I'm a Celeb are my faves though.

11) I adopt a Dolphin called Sundance and a few days ago received my ten year adoption certificate. 
12) I go to the gym several times a week
13) I love travelling; I know I said I don't know what I want to do career wise (well I have a few ideas, but that's another blog post ;)) however I do know I want to travel!  I'm very lucky to have travelled a lot already but there are so many other places I want to see too.
14) I played guitar when I was younger (well had lessons) but all I can remember now is how to play 'Skip to the Loo' haha.
15) I am currently listening to Catfish and the Bottlemen whilst writing this post.
16) I can't seem to get the bus on time - I always miss it.  And apart from work i'm late for most events hehe.
17) I super smiley and friendly - i'd say they're my best traits.
18) Lots of people who don't really know me assume i'm shy - However i'm the complete opposite.  I'm not shy one bit.
19) Woop woop 19 that's my age haha.
20) Omg I'm 20 in November haha.

21) At 21 I want to visit NY!!! <3
22) I love being outdoors.  My nickname is Laura Dora and it kind of suits as I'm always up for an adventure day.
23) I love metal detecting, going fishing and geocaching.  Most of these activities I do with my dad.
24) I've always loved photography.  When I was younger I would take photos of my friends and label them "Lauragraphy" hahaha fun times.
25) And last but by no means least - I have a budgie named Bruce hehe.  He's da best! 

Thanks for reading this, please leave me the link to your blog in the comments if you do this tag as well! 

Bye bye for now, 

Laura ^_^ xxxx 


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