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Anthem of the Seas

Hello, hello, hello, 

Long time no speak!  I don't know where the time has gone.  I have no excuses as to why I have not updated my blog but after exams I have just been having so much fun over summer - Travelling, adventuring, spending time with my family and friends.  

In June I went on my seventh cruise, the new Royal Caribbean ship the "Anthem of the Seas".  I went with my mum and dad on a two week Western Med cruise visiting places in France, Italy, Spain and Portugal.  This was only the ships 8th voyage, the ship is the newest of the Royal Caribbean cruise line and the most modern cruise ship in the entire world.  The Anthem was by far the nicest ship we have been on (and we've been on some beautiful ships).  It was super modern.  There were many facilities for every age, no one can be left without something to do or enjoy.

My favourite part of the ship was all the adventure activities you could do.  There was an indoor skydiving machine called the iFly, on the cruise you get a complimentary 1 minute fly - which yes doesn't sound a lot, but when you're in their one minute is plenty of time to get the experience.  It was super fun.  You go in with a group of people, watch a small training video and then suit up pretty much straight away.  They recommend if you have any back problems not to do it.  But if you're just afraid you're not going to be able to do it don't worry everyone is in the same boat... literally hehe.

As well as the iFly the ship has rock climbing, the FlowRider, Roller skating, bumper cars, trapeze roping (if that's what it's called hehe) and so much more.  Many of these activities are in a part of the ship called the "Seaplex" this is an amazing multipurpose play room.  It has an arcade, an escape room, a hot dog stand, table football, air hockey, x-boxes and more.  All ages can have so much fun in here, and it's well organised when the activities change over.

Dining on the ship was a very new concept for cruising.  Instead of Freedom dining and Set dining, this ship had something called "Dynamic Dining" it means you book the restaurants at whatever time you want, like you would a normal restaurant.  The idea was good however because it's such a new idea there were some technical details.  For example we had all our restaurant bookings booked months in advance, however a couple of times when we came down for dinner they had given our table away to another family who hadn't booked (yet must have kicked up a fuss about not getting a table).  However I feel once the dynamic dining has been going for longer there will be less mishaps happening and it will be a smooth flowing dining idea.  

The restaurants, food and staff though were amazing.  They couldn't do enough for you.  

Below are some of my favourite meals the ship (especially this top one <3). 

Can't beat room service either - after a long day trekking Rome, clearly my dad was happy hehe. 

The ship had sooooo much stuff to do and things to see.  One of my favourite places to go was a multipurpose show room/night club called 270. 

Spectra's Cabaret was one of the ships main shows - full of singing, dancing and acrobatics. 

The North Star is an amazing feature for a Cruise ship.  It's like a London Eye pod that on sea days goes over the side of the boat (giving this view). 

Kinda looks like an alien space ship hehe.

The Robot bar - beware he must be a heavy weight, as he makes your drinks strong haha.

Music Hall night club 

Magic comedy show.

Casino vibes. 

3D movie cinema.

On a sea day it was busy to get a sun bed, but it's not impossible and if you're up early you can get a decent spot :). 

Our balcony stateroom. 

Biggest bathroom we've had on a ship. 

I had an amazing time on board the Anthem.  I would recommend it to any age group.  

Leave me questions if you have any.  Hopefully this gave you an incite to what the ship was like; especially if you're considering going on the Anthem or if you're wanting to start cruising... DO IT :D 

Peace out for now,

Laura xxx 

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