Monday, 14 September 2015

My Perfume Collection

Hello again!  Todays post is my perfume collection.  I have a problem with keeping empty perfume bottles so I finally got around to clearing them out.  As I was clearing them out I thought it would be a good idea to show you them.

My most current and special perfume is Miss Dior.  I got this last Christmas and it's so gorg.  I first of all started only wearing it on nights out however most days I wear it now and it's still going strong.  It's a very sweet smell and very feminine, I don't know any girl who doesn't like this perfume... or guy for that matter haha.

You know when Boots at Christmas does their big sets of beauty items (which I love so much and I know we're only just in to September but I'm so excited for them to come out) well these are the remains from a few of their mini perfume sets.  Many have been lost on nights out now (as they're the perfect size to fit in to your handbag) but I still have some left.  I love the Ghost one, that ran out ages ago now and I think it's finally time to let it go hehe.  The black little pot one is actually a solid perfume giving to me from my nana.  I used to love it so much when I was younger (as the bottle is so pretty) so she gave it to me.  I could never get rid of that now, their are too many memories associated with the smell and the bottle hehe. 

Katy Perry  - Killer Queen.  This is a very sweet perfume and reminds me of the Britney Spears ones.  I haven't used it much however I may put it in my gym kit bag so after the gym I have a perfume and not just deodorant. 

Harajuku Lovers.  Wow - I have so many memories attached with these bottles and their smells.  Most of them are empty now and I think it's time I finally let them go.  As a perfume they are actually really good.  The smells are all so different and unique - G smells of Coconut, Lil Angel is vanilla and Music just smells of Christmas to me haha.  When I was younger these perfumes were the best you couldn't get any better.  My friend and I used to say "It's also just an excuse to buy a cute doll" haha.

Rihanna Rebelle.  This has a very musky sent.  I haven't used much of it yet because this is actually my second bottle.  I love this perfume and it always gets lots of compliments.  It also seems to last forever.  I mean I had my other bottle which was smaller for a good few years and I used it loads.  

Touch of Pink, Lacoste.  This perfume reminds me of being about 13.  I used to love it so much back then (to be fair I think everyone 13 year old girl did hehe).  It's a very sweets smell, it's hard to describe other than sweet.  

Mac, Turquatic.  This perfume I won't lie did not last me long but that's probably because I LOVED IT... and so did all my friends haha.  I defo need to repurchase it.  The smell just screams summer - and really reminds me of my 2012 summer, school prom etc haha.  It's amazing how smells really can attach themselves to memories.  100% would recommend this perfume to anyone! 

Now I feel I've said this a few times... but this perfume here has been my most favourite perfume EVER in my head you couldn't beat it.  It's called So Hooked on Carmella, Benefit.  I had this 30ml bottle for two years and I wore it soooo much! It ran out last year and when I went to repurchase it DON DOOON DOOON (meant to sound like scrary music haha) it had been discontinued.  Omg I was devastated.  I still am.  I have a very small travel size version of it too and that has some left but i;m trying to save it as I know I can't re buy it  :(.  Boo! 

Summer Sorbet, Givenchy.  This perfume also has a strong smell memory associated with it.  I wore it every day on out first ever cruise and now when I smell it all I can smell is the ship.  Well how I remember the ship.  It's hard for me to describe the sent in this perfume.  But let's just say sweet but not too sweet - it's really light and just super nice to be honest hehe.  

Seeing how many memories I have attached with these perfume smells is making it look like it's going to be a difficult task getting rid of them.  Hashtag I'm such a hoarder haha.  But it's time to move on and get some new smells ^_^ 

Well that's it for my perfume collection.  I hope you enjoyed, let me know below what your favourite perfumes are and if you have ever tried any of these ones. 

Bye bye for now, Laura xxx 

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