Monday, 7 September 2015

Spain - Cartagena, Vigo and Cadiz

Spain is an amazing country.  We stopped there twice on the cruise, first in a place called Cartagena. 

Cartagena is a port city and naval base in the Murcia region of southeast Spain, founded by the Carthaginians around 220 B.C.E. The Muralla Púnica interpretation center houses the remains of a 3rd-century B.C.E. defensive wall. Among its many Roman ruins are a 2nd-century B.C.E. theater and Casa de la Fortuna, a villa with murals and mosaics.

Mum and Dad looking cute - We didn't plan this but that day we all seemed to go out in Yellow haha it was so embarry when people on the ship noticed before we did :'). 

See I'm in Yellow too haha.

If you're wondering my top is from International (Does that shop even exist anymore haha) shorts Topshop and shoes Birkenstock.

Had to take this little guys pic - sooo kaute! 

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Next up, Vigo!  Vigo was one of my favourite places we visited on the trip.  I didn't really know much about the place or have high hopes for it.  However it was such an interesting city, so pretty and way more modern than I imagined it would be - I would definitely go back for a longer stay. 

Vigo is a city on the Atlantic Ocean in Galicia, north-west Spain. Vigo is the most populous municipality in Galicia, and the 14th in Spain. Vigo is in the south-west of Galicia, in the southern part of Vigo Bay.

Vigo had a lot of witch themed souvenirs as it was the land of witch craft - spooky ey hehe.

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And lastly Cadiz.  Ahh I love Cadiz.  I've been here twice now and although there isn't a lot to do there it's one of those places you could just walk around for ages and not get bored.  It's also a very relaxing city.  It's very peaceful and if you wanted a week to just relax and enjoy some peace yet not be out in he middle of nowhere I would 100% recommend Cadiz.  

Cádiz is an ancient port city in southwest Spain, on a strip of land surrounded by the sea. A 16th-century base for exploration and trade, it has more than 100 watchtowers, including iconic Torre Tavira, traditionally used for spotting ships. The 18th-century waterfront cathedral has a golden dome with views of the city and the sea.

I kept calling this "the real Jurassic Park" hehe.

Twister Ice Lolly shaped tree haha.

The promenade area has all been redo and it's so beautiful super modern yet elegant with its old design.  There were lots of local fishermen down here.

Hopefully you liked this post.  Leave me any questions you may have below ^_^ xxx 

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