Monday, 5 October 2015

September Adventures

Hello and happy October!! 

If you ask me September went so fast!  Well all of summer did quite frankly, I mean June to me seems like it was yesterday hehe.

Currently I am trying to find full time employment.  It's proving rather difficult actually, where I live has a very slow turn around for getting a job.  By this I mean once you've applied it takes a while to hear back, then if you get an interview it can take even longer.  We're only a small places so employment isn't as competitive and therefore they don't have to be as quick as getting people in to job positions - okay I hope this is the reason, or maybe just no one wants to employ me hehe.

I still currently work part time in a bank but it's only small hours so this left me with a lot of time in September to just, well, have fun hehe.

Adventure Days

September had some really great weather and if you didn't know I'm a  real outside bunny!  I hate being cooked up inside if it's nice out - I love going to little adventures instead :D.

My friend Emily and I went on a 12 miles walk one day and seen some beautiful scenes!  I live on a small island and it's honestly just such a beauty!  Many young people say "Eurgh there is nothing to do on this sh*t island" and it just annoys me - it's an amazing place to Live, there is so much outside to be seen and explored.  It's just they're lazy! 

Another adventure day when we went to a Glenn and played on the carousel - Who said they were only for childen hehe.

Just hanging around 

Another adventure day this month - Emily and I went with our friends Alfred and Ben for lunch and then an adventure to the beach - Climbing the rock and exploring caves.  However I completed had on the wrong shoes for rock climbing! hehe.

Another adventure/walk day.  Emily and I went for Ice cream and walked about 14,000 steps.  Which isn't bad for an afternoons work. 

I went out with my Dad and Granddad a few times this month metal detecting.  The above coin is 217 years old!  Not bad if you ask me hehe.

Nights out

I went out a couple of times this month.  Here are some pictures of my cousins Ellen's 18th birthday.

We met a Kangaroo! haha.

Trying to Photobomb the singer - Even though we chopped his head out by accident, oopss haha.

My two cousins - Caitlin in the middle and Ellen on the right (the birthday girl).

Having a beer because we had withdrawal symptoms from Berlin! 

BERLIN SQUAD REUNION!  (I will be doing a Berlin blog post very soon, so stay tuned ;)). 

Nights In 

My girls and I had a couple of pizza nights this month.  Louisa on the right is going in to her second year of uni and Annie (the pea head at the back hehe) is off to uni for her first year.  We usually have these pizza nights when we're all together and although we don't get to see each other everyday like we used to in school it's still just the same when we see each other - like nothing has ever changed! 


Well that's pretty much all of my September adventures!  What did you get up to this month? 

"Live life to the fullest, because it only happens once" 

Little quote to end with hehe.  

Peace out for now! 

LB xxx 

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