Sunday, 1 November 2015

Halloween - Sugar Skulls and More

Hello, I hope you all had a very happy Halloween or Hop-tu-Naa for all my fellow Manxies! hehe.

My friend Emily and I went as Sugar Skulls.  We did the makeup ourselves and overall I was pretty happy!  Actually I was very happy with how it turned out hehe.  

The products I used were: 
- Natural collection Black liquid eyeliner
- A Red Costal Senses eyeshadow from the 88 colour palate 
- White face paint
- Katy Perry fasle eyelashes 
- and lots of glitter from a random pot I had hehe.

Emily used the same products accept she used a blue face paint on her eyes. 

My Black rose flower crown was from Claire's.  My dress was a flamenco dance dress I had from a few years ago.  It was fab to get to wear it again.

I can't comment on the boys makeup products as one of their sisters did it.  But we have a Pumpkin (clearly hehe) and a creepy man/killer.  The killer look was created with tights and cutting holes in the eyes and mouth and putting makeup over them.

Katherine had a hook in her mouth and said her costume was "she's such a catch" hehe pretty punny if you ask me :').

Hopefully you enjoyed our costumes!  I'd love to see yours.

Bye bye for now, 

LB xxx